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We actively research the future of cities, citizens and our planet, then distribute this knowledge through interactive stories.
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Future Distributed exists to accelerate the transition of the Built Environment sector, so that it supports thriving citizens and a thriving planet.
Thriving citizens
a thriving planet
Our research is aligned to the Doughnut Model (and wider Sustainable Development Goals) so everything ties back to one question: how can we create built environments where all people can thrive, whilst respecting the health of the whole planet?

From this core question, our research focuses on the following challenges:
How can we ensure that all citizens have access to safe and affordable housing? How can we minimize the impact on the planet in building and living in these houses?
Climate Change
How can we minimise the built environment sector's contribution to the global climate crisis throughout design, construction, operations and end-of-life?
Industry and Innovation
How can we develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure?
+ more
As well as those listed above, we will also be focusing on the Energy, Healthcare, Education, and others ways in the which the built environment currently affects our planet.
Since 2019, we have collaborated with experts around the world from the following organisations (and many more!).

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