Buildings and Climate Change Adaption

Author: Will Needham Published on: March 6, 2021

Building Adaption and Climate Resilience

Context for the importance of building adaptation

We are already seeing the devasting effects of climate breakdown due to the man-made climate change. In 2020 alone, we saw the most devasting hurricane season on record, record levels of ice melting in the Arctic, nearly one-third of Bangladesh stood underwater due to repeated bouts of monsoons.

These are a few examples of ever-increasing list of acute, short-term threats affecting communities around the world. Of course, I could list many, many more.

Alongside these short-term threats are the even more worrying chronic hazards associated with long-term changes to temperature, rainfall, and sea levels.

In this context, adaptation of existing buildings and infrastructure to meet this rapidly changing environment conditions must be a priority for the built environment sector.

The need for action

Building adaptation seeks to minimize the risk of harm (either human harm or building/infrastructure harm, or both)

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