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Future Distributed exists to transition the Built Environment sector, so that it supports both thriving citizens and a thriving planet.


Because at the moment, globally, many people live below what Kate Raworth calls the social foundation, with limited access to safe housing, social and gender equity, water and energy. The Built Environment sector has a massive role in helping countries to achieve this goal.

At the same time, the Built Environment sector has been hugely detrimental to the health of our planet and its finite resources. Impending catastrophies such as the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and ocean acidification should all be the number one priority for Built Environment firms. But this is not the case at the moment.

How does Future Distributed operate?

The following principles are in the DNA of Future Distributed:

  • We prioritise engaging and interactive storytelling methods
  • We obsess over the reader's experience and how they acquire knowledge to make decisions about complex issues
  • We standout and do things differently
  • We actively seek diverse viewpoints
  • We are always informed by, yet inquisitive about data

What does Future Distributed actually do?

Data visualizations that inspire change

At our core, we specialise in data visualizations that tell a story about aspects of the Built Environment and its progress towards creating places for thriving citizens and a thriving planet. More of this to come!

Future Distributed Podcast

In Series 1, we curated a line-up of senior changemakers within the Built Environment sector. We explored topics such as Smart Cities, Sustainable Urbanization, Technology, Citizens and more.

You can listen to all our previous episodes here.

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I scour the internet in many different languages and find innovative solutions to Built Environment challenges from around the world. If you work in Architecture, Engineering, Cities, Construction or Technology sectors you should be on this list!

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Future Distributed is the global knowledge-sharing platform on a mission to transition the Built Environment sector, so that it supports thriving citizens and a thriving planet. Read more here.