“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

William Gibson in The Economist, 2003

I’m on a mission to change this ^. In May 2019, I quit my job in the London construction market and seeked to learn how things were designed and built in other countries.

My mission is to connect and inspire people by telling the stories of some of the most inspirational people shaping our cities and our future. To achieve this, I will be travelling to different countries; researching, interviewing and writing about their best practices and what every other country should take note of. If you subscribe, you can get this global expertise and fresh-thinking delivered straight to your inbox.

Sticking with what I know, I will initially focus on the ever-expanding worlds of digital construction, smart infrastructure and the use of data within industry. I will also look to comment on innovation in health & safety, sustainability and diversity & inclusion.

The most important challenges we face as a society cannot be neatly solved within individual borders. It requires a new kind of collaboration; cross-border collaboration. This is what I’m hoping to unlock and I have begun by documenting my founding values in this article.

I’m excited to be on this journey and I’m going to be sharing what I learn with you, every step of the way.

Expect regular interviews, podcasts, in-depth articles, project case studies, and a smattering of architectural photography.

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What can I do?

To make this work, I need your help in any of the following ways:

  1. If you know any exceptional AEC people anywhere in the world, please put me in touch with them. I’m looking for experienced leaders, as well as forward-thinking young professionals. I believe in giving both a voice through this channel. I’m starting in the Nordics, so any suggestions for exceptional people in that part of the world – fire them my way.
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