Future Distributed Podcast

Since mid-2019, I’ve been travelling through Europe meeting inspirational leaders shaping the future of the Built Environment in their countries.

This podcast tells the story of these people and the world-leading innovative work they carry out.

Why? Well I believe innovation comes from expanding your horizon. Being exposed to different ways of thinking. Learning about how people in completely different countries tackle similar problems that you might be facing.

I hope you get something out of them.

I welcome any feedback or guests suggestions via the Contact page above.

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Digitising the Estonian built environment – Virgo Sulakatko

Digitising the Estonian built environment. This show comes from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Tallinn has a really incredible reputation for being the ‘most digital society in the world’ and for this this reason alone, it’s a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. I sat down […]

Product Management at Solibri – Juan Rodríguez

Solibri are the market leaders in Quality Assurance and Quality Control software for the construction industry. Back in late 2019, I sat down with their Product Director, Juan Rodríguez. I really enjoyed our conversation about all things construction technology and product management. In this conversation you can expect to hear […]

Managing BIM in Architecture – Margarida Barbosa

Managing BIM in one of Norway’s leading architectural offices is no easy task. This week’s interview is with Margarida Barbosa, BIM Manager at A-lab Architects in Oslo, Norway. Margarida has a PhD from the Technical University of Lisbon which focussed on As-Built Building Information Modelling workflows and, since completing her […]

Construction Planning in 2020 and beyond

Until recently, construction planning had been done the same way for decades. However, the last few years has seen a number of startups and smaller companies implement technology to try to gain more clarity over the planning and management of the construction process. In this interview, I speak with David […]

Megaproject BIM in Stockholm – Armin Khagebahri

Managing building information modelling on a large-scale infrastructure project is not an easy task.  In this episode I spoke with Armin Khagebahri, BIM Manager at WSP, working on the client-side of the New Slussen Project in central Stockholm.  It was great to hear about the innovative methods they are using […]

Future of Mobility – Raphael Cavalcanti

Discussing the Future of Mobility with an expert in the field, Raphael Cavalcanti. We spoke while Raphael was in between roles, but he’s now started his new role as an Urban Mobility Strategic Advisor for Nova Mobility Consulting. So as you might’ve guessed, this episode is all about Future Mobility […]

Smart Mobility & Open Data Pioneers – Forum Virium

I want to start this week’s show with a big thank you to everyone that’s listened to any of the episodes so far. We are now on episode 16 of Series 1 and it’s fair to say I’ve learn a lot! Both about podcasting but more importantly about how different […]

Stockholm, where innovation thrives – Anna Gissler

Did you know Stockholm produces more Unicorns* per capita than any other region in the world after Silicon Valley? * Unicorn – privately held startup company with valuation over $1 billion. So what makes Stockholm so special? Well, this week’s guest is certainly in a great position to answer these […]

GrowSmarter Project – Lisa Enarsson – City of Stockholm

Stockholm won the 2019 Smart City Award for its role on the GrowSmarter project. Before receiving this award, whilst I was in Stockholm, I interviewed Lisa Enarsson. Lisa is a Project Manager who has been working on the GrowSmarter project since it started, over five years ago. The project tested […]

Digital Advancement Academy – Iain Miskimmin – Bentley Systems

Hear about the story of how the Digital Advancement Academy was set up to address the industry digital skills gap, from Iain Miskimmin of Bentley Systems. The Interview Links: Real Leadership: Through the Heart Plain Language BIM by Iain Miskimmin LinkedIn [ Iain Miskimmin | Will Needham ] Liked this […]

Sustainable Digitalisation – Teemu Lehtinen – KIRAHub

This week’s show comes from Helsinki, Finland. I speak with Teemu Lehtinen. Teemu managed the KIRA-Digi programme… This is one of the most amazing programmes of built environment innovation I think I’ve ever come across! Over two years the Finnish government invested €12m in 139 ‘experiments’ within the Built Environment.  […]

Data Templates in Construction – Lars Fredenlund

On this week’s show, I take a deep-dive on Data Templates in the Construction industry with Lars Fredenlund.  Lars has been right at the forefront of the industry push towards to use of data templates on projects. As the lines between design, manufacturing and construction are blurred more than ever, […]

Empathic Buildings – Tomi Teikko

What does it take to turn a smart building into an Empathic Building? This week’s show comes from Helsinki, Finland. I speak with Tomi Teikko. Tomi works for the Nordic IT Services and Software Company Tieto, but as you’ll hear, Tieto are not your traditional IT company. Tomi is responsible […]

Cities for People – Paloma Bautista (CHAOS)

This week’s show comes from Helsinki, Finland. I sat down with Paloma Bautista, the Chief Operating Officer at CHAOS. CHAOS is building a smart city intelligence platform and working closely with a number of high-profile clients here in the Nordic countries, as you will hear.  In this episode, we’ll be […]

Data Trusts and Project Data Analytics – Martin Paver

This week’s show is all about how Data Trusts and Project Data Analytics can help us deliver construction projects more efficiently. I sat down with Martin Paver, CEO of Projecting Success and the Founder of the Project Data Analytics Community in the UK.  Martin has over 30 years of experience […]

Generative Design & Reality Capture – Niels Falk

This week’s show is all about Generative Design & Reality Capture in the construction industry. The episode comes from Copenhagen, Denmark and the famous BLOXhub coworking space for urban innovators. I sat down with Niels Falke, the CEO of HD Lab. HD Lab is a forward-thinking team of designers, programmers, […]

Managing innovation at Ramboll – Line Lyst

This week’s show is all about managing innovation within large incumbent businesses and it comes from Copenhagen in Denmark! I speak with Line Lyst the Director of Innovation at the large Danish AEC consultancy with over 15,000 employees! In this episode, we’ll be answering some big question.  Why does Ramboll […]

Digital Twin Research – University of Oslo

This week’s show is all about the DIGITAL TWIN! I sat down with David Cameron, Coordinator at the Sirius Centre for Research-based Innovation, at the University of Oslo. This research lab focuses on the digitalisation of oil and gas operations and is (in my opinion) one of the most advanced […]

Future of Consultancy – Hannah Vickers – ACE

Welcome to The Future Distributed Podcast, the weekly show that brings you the latest and greatest in Built Environment Innovation from around the world.      This week’s show comes from London. I sat down with Hannah Vickers, the CEO of the Association for Consultancy and Engineering and the woman […]