Data Templates in Construction – Lars Fredenlund

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On this week’s show, I take a deep-dive on Data Templates in the Construction industry with Lars Fredenlund. 

Lars has been right at the forefront of the industry push towards to use of data templates on projects.

As the lines between design, manufacturing and construction are blurred more than ever, it’s clear that data templates play a really key role in making the exchange of information between these phases efficient and scalable. 

To make this happen, in 2020 Lars is part of the working group that will launch the CEN/ ISO standards on Data Templates.

In this episode, we’ll be answering some big question like:  

  • What does the future hold of data templates within the construction industry?
  • How can a new CEN/ ISO Standard provide the backbone for consistent data sharing and international collaboration on construction projects.
  • Which are the most advanced countries in Europe on the digitalisation journey and the reasons for this?  

As you will hear, Lars isn’t afraid of telling it like it is and has some really interesting perspectives to share. 

The Interview


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