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Digitising the Estonian built environment. This show comes from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Tallinn has a really incredible reputation for being the ‘most digital society in the world’ and for this this reason alone, it’s a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time.

I sat down with Virgo Sulakatko. Virgo has a really interesting background. He currently sits on the Board at Novarc Group, one of Estonia’s leading AEC consultancies.

He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster and you’ll hear more about what that is in the show.

In this episode, we’ll be answering some big questions, like:

  • How is the most digital society in the world approaching the digitalisation of their construction sector?
  • How can innovation thrive in a country where ‘everyone knows each other’?
  • What benefits can be sought when you have your national digital construction platform in the same system as your digital healthcare, digital taxes, digital voting? From a data perspective the opportunities are just mind-blowing!

The interview with Virgo





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