Smart City Expo 2019 w/ Nokia, FIWARE & Bettair

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This week’s show is a little bit different! I’ve spent the last week in Barcelona at the Smart City Expo World Congress – the biggest Smart City conference in Europe. 

It was a mind-boggling extravaganza of cities, technology, citizens & powerful ideas! What I loved about the conference, was that: as well as the normal technology vendors that you normally see at these kind of events, over 700+ Cities and Municipalities were also represented – so that was really cool! 

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So for this week’s episode… I’ll bring you two interviews recorded live from the event.

First up, you’ll hear from the Global Public Sector Lead at Nokia – a company we know is ever-present in the 5g and hardware space, but as you will hear, they are increasing their reach into the services and system-integrator role. 

Next up, you’ll hear from the FIWARE Chief Marketing Officer Cristina Brandtstetter the CEO of Bettair. FIWARE  is an open-source initiative defining a universal set of standards for context data management which facilitates the development of Smart Solutions for different domains.

One such Smart Solution is that of Bettair – a platform that maps urban air pollution within Cities – you will also hear from Leonardo Santiago – the CEO of Bettair.

The Interview: Live from the Smart City Expo 2019

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smart city expo 2019 podcast interview with Nokia, FIWARE and Bettair

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