This week’s show comes from Helsinki, Finland. I speak with Teemu Lehtinen. Teemu managed the KIRA-Digi programme…

This is one of the most amazing programmes of built environment innovation I think I’ve ever come across!

Over two years the Finnish government invested €12m in 139 ‘experiments’ within the Built Environment. 

Inspired by the Lean Startup methodology, companies ran their own experiments in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence and BIM and tested hypotheses about whether their innovative ideas could be valuable to the Finnish economy. 

Now Teemu leads the KIRAHub team and is focused on scaling these innovations to make real-world impact

In this episode, we’ll be answering some big questions, like:

  • What happens when you run 139 built environment experiments over the course of two years? 
  • How do go from experimentation to scaling innovation? 
  • What are the effects of globalisation on the Helsinki Digital Construction landscape? 

I really enjoyed listening to Teemu in this interview and I hope you enjoy his wisdom too!

The Interview


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