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Sustainable Digitalisation - Teemu Lehtinen - KIRAHub

Helsinki learnt a lot from 139 built environment experiments. Learn from the Founder of the KiraHUB, Teemu Lehtinen.

FD Team

Why I started future:distributed

A detailed look at why I started Future Distributed.

Will Needham

Who is the most inspirational person you know in the built environment sector?

This is a plee to find the most inspirational people working in the built environment sector to contribute towards the Future Distributed mission. Do you know any pioneers?

Will Needham

What is a Smart City?

Smart Cities are changing our soieties. Learn more about the smart city, what they include and how they benefit citizens.

FD Team
Smart Cities

Stockholm, where innovation thrives - Anna Gissler

Interview with Anna Gissler, CEO of Invest Stockholm. Learn how the innovation ecosystem in Stockholm is thriving and what other cities can learn from Stockholm.

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Smart Mobility & Open Data Pioneers - Forum Virium

Sami Sahala from Forum Virium explains how Finland became world leaders in Smart Mobility. Learn about what they did right, and what they got wrong along the way, in this podcast interview.

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Social Housing Project

Social Housing in the United Kingdom

Everything you need to know about the past, present and future of social housing (and council housing) in the UK, including how to find it and how to build it.

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Social Housing in Denmark: the Tenant Democracy

This post explores the unique Social Housing model in Denmark. Learn how Tenant Democracy is embedded into Danish social housing projects in this detailed post.

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Smart City Indices

This post explores Smart City Indices. Learn about what they are & why they are important (or not!) in this detailed post.

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Smart Cities

Smart City Expo 2019 w/ Nokia, FIWARE & Bettair

Three interviews live from Smart City Expo 2019. Learn about how Nokia, FIWARE and Bettair and shaping the Smart City landscape of the future.

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Smart Cities

Introducing: Series 1 - the Nordics

This is introduction to the Nordic Series from Future Distributed. Learn about the people and projects to be featured and how you can help.

FD Team

In this post, I'll be introducing my first mini-series: a trip through the Nordics, meeting the people right at the cutting edge of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries.

Update: Future Distributed is now over 12 months old, you can read more about what we have achieved on this journey so far


I've always been fascinated with the Nordics, but have never visited. My perception is of a group of countries where everyone is happy and everything just works. In the early stages of my career, I was fortunate to work for Skanska, a leading construction company in the region. I really enjoyed my time there.

What I loved most was the Swedish no-nonsense approach. Technologies that were obviously much better than competition were just adopted. No fuss. No resistance. It was the norm and I found this a refreshing perspective.

5 reasons I chose the Nordics to start my journey

There was a lot to draw me to begin my journey in the Nordics. Of all the reasons, I picked the main five and wrote a little more about why each influenced my decision.

  1. INSPIRING PROJECTS - Some of the most amazing projects I've ever come across are in the Nordics. I'll be looking to meet the people working on them and uncover the fascinating stories in how they were designed and built.
  2. PROGRESSIVE STRATEGY/ POLICY - Some of the most progressive strategy and policy ideas I have seen. For example the 'Oslo' model of procurement and transparency with the construction labour force really interests me. I'll be looking to dive deeply into how it works and whether it actually works by speaking to the people most affected by it.
  3. LEADING RESEARCH - Some of the best universities in the world can be found in the Nordics. I'll be looking to meet up with leading researchers to ask them what topics are most important to them, right now.
  4. **AMBITIOUS, GLOBAL startups ** - Increasingly a number of Nordic startups in the construction tech/ prop-tech space have gained traction in the UK and beyond. I can't wait to talk to the entrepreneurs in the region striving to make a difference.
  5. MINIMAL AIR TRAVEL (for me!) - As mentioned in my previous article on Founding Values, I am consciously seeking to minimise my carbon footprint as I travel, where is it feasible. I will be offsetting all carbon emissions that emanate from this project at the end of each year. As the closest Nordic capital city to London, I will be flying into Copenhagen. I will travel overland with public transport between the other destinations. See full itinerary below.

Proposed itinerary

So, what's the plan?

I think my time (and money) will be best spent by focussing on the main cities of Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Turku and Helsinki. But my plans are not entirely fixed.

If you know of anywhere else I definitely should visit, with inspiring AEC professionals breaking the boundaries of what's possible in other parts of the Nordics, let me know. I can happily make a detour!

Copenhagen (17, 18, 19 September)

Lille Langebro Cycle and Pedestrian Bridge by WilkinsonEyre

Gothenburg (20, 21 September)

Karlatornet (currently under construction) in Gothenburg. Karlatornet will be the tallest Nordic building ever built when completed (due 2021)

Oslo (22, 23, 24 September)

Lambda - the new home of Edward Munch's artwork in Oslo. One of the first construction sites to follow 'the Oslo model' - an innovative policy interventions aiming for a more transparent procurement process and working conditions for works

Stockholm (25, 26, 27 September)

The Stockholm Metro has 100 stations and moves 1.2 million people every day (as of 2017)

Turku (28 September)

The port town of Turku is working towards an ambitious 2029 strategy, aiming to improve: (1) Well-being and activity in the city, and (2) Competitiveness and sustainable growth

Helsinki (29, 30 Sept, 1 Oct)

Tripla: is a gigantic mixed-use development under construction in the northern neighbourhood of Pasila, Helsinki

Finally, I need your help in recommended exceptional people in the Nordic region who have a really interesting story to tell.

They could be: architects working on their most ambitious development yet. Or government officials responsible for implementing innovative urban policies. Or engineers figuring out how to keep the tallest building in the Nordics upright. Or researchers developing generative algorithms to improve how we design.

They should be working in any of the places I've mentioned in this post, and be willing to talk to me about their work.

Get in touch with me through any of my social media channels, or through this Contact Form.

Thank you!

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