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  • Managing BIM in Architecture – Margarida Barbosa

    5th April 2020 by

    Managing BIM in one of Norway’s leading architectural offices is no easy task. This week’s interview is with Margarida Barbosa, BIM Manager at A-lab Architects in Oslo, Norway. Margarida has a PhD from the Technical University of Lisbon which focussed on As-Built Building Information Modelling workflows and, since completing her… Read more

  • Construction Planning in 2020 and beyond

    29th March 2020 by

    Until recently, construction planning had been done the same way for decades. However, the last few years has seen a number of startups and smaller companies implement technology to try to gain more clarity over the planning and management of the construction process. In this interview, I speak with David… Read more

  • Megaproject BIM in Stockholm – Armin Khagebahri

    10th March 2020 by

    Managing building information modelling on a large-scale infrastructure project is not an easy task.  In this episode I spoke with Armin Khagebahri, BIM Manager at WSP, working on the client-side of the New Slussen Project in central Stockholm.  It was great to hear about the innovative methods they are using… Read more

  • Future of Mobility – Raphael Cavalcanti

    1st March 2020 by

    Discussing the Future of Mobility with an expert in the field, Raphael Cavalcanti. We spoke while Raphael was in between roles, but he’s now started his new role as an Urban Mobility Strategic Advisor for Nova Mobility Consulting. So as you might’ve guessed, this episode is all about Future Mobility… Read more

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