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Values are important to me. This post is a truthful account of what I care about and the ethics and values upon which future:distributed has been built.


To be honest, I don’t know where this blog will be in one year’s time. Figuratively and geographically. What I can be more certain on is that my values will not have significantly changed. In this post, I wanted to lay out what is important to me and what I’m trying to work towards in creating .

Learning from everyone

I would like to create a culture of acceptance of and for my whole audience. Wherever you are from. Whatever your current level of skill and experience. I believe that you can learn something from everyone you meet. You may not agree with everything someone says, but you can always learn from them. The idea is for to build into a centralised resource for global knowledge about the architectural, engineering and construction industries.

No one way of working is ‘best’

I want to encourage a culture where whoever I meet, they are proud of the work they are doing. Probably the thing I enjoy the most about working in the technology side of construction for a number of years, has been the ever-evolving landscape in which we work. There is no ‘perfect destination’, however much a particular software vendor might be trying to tell you there is!

It’s about moving yourself and your company into a space where it is comfortable being agile, learning new technologies and constantly making minor methodological improvements based on new information. I think it’s a vital skill in today’s industry.

Minimise the impact of my actions on our environment

One of the core drivers for me in starting was to try to raise the conversation around sustainability in AEC to a global scale. I am hoping that these global conversations will help cross-pollinate ideas and provide the starting point for collaborations that really push the needle on these global issues.

On a more personal note, over the last eighteen months, I have become increasingly conscious of my personal contribution to the climate crisis. I have made a number of changes to my lifestyle that help me reduce this contribution and I am always working towards more. Maybe I’ll write a post about this in the future.

You might think it’s somewhat ironic writing a blog that: on one hand, holds sustainability as one of its core values, and on the other, plans a project that makes it necessary to travel long distances to talk with and learn from the innovative AEC professionals I feature. In fact the travel industry accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Nature, 2018).

I am very aware of this.

And I have made a number of travel decisions that will reduce my carbon footprint. Furthermore, I will be maintaining a personal carbon diary – logging all my activities and estimating the carbon emissions from my travel. At the end of each year of my travel, I will aim to offset 100% of these emissions.

At the end of each year of my travel, I will aim to offset 100% of these emissions.

I will do this through investment in renewable energy projects through a third party carbon offset company, such as Cloverly. I will display a dashboard on futuredistributed,org to be open and transparent about this and I hope to produce and publish this by the end of 2019.


Finally, a short note on trustworthiness. I will not advertise or promote any content that I believe does not represent good value for my audience. Either on a technical level, or on an ethical level. I want to produce and promote content that I truly believe in. I want to build a loyal audience that trusts my judgement on construction, technology and sustainability in the built environment.


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I believe in a future built environment that is safe, sustainable, healthy, efficient & productive. Actually, I believe pockets of excellence in each of these things already exist; they are just distributed geographically in different parts of the world. My mission is to go out there and find these pockets of excellence and tell the stories of the people, projects, policies that are responsible for such positive steps.


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